Our Vision

Chicagoland Christian Center was birthed in the heart of the Father. The Lord called Marshall Davis and he with his wife, Catherine Davis, began to share and enact the Word of the Lord for direction. As the ministry began to rapidly expand from a bible class that began in their home; they were confident that this was a move of God and started looking for a larger facility. Their mission then, as it is now, is to minister to the people of God and be led by the Holy Spirit on its direction. From there, the ministry had soon outgrown a rented Day Care Center, a rehabbed automotive repair shop, to now our present Worship facility, a 20,000 square foot rehabbed warehouse.

Chicagoland Christian Center and World Outreach Ministries, along with Marshall and Catherine Davis Ministries, are ministries filled with love, compassion and the uncompromised teaching of the Word of God. People are drawn from near and far to a place where they are loved, nurtured and healed, in mind, body and spirit through the focus and direction of the Holy Spirit.

The vision continues to grow, but the Purpose is the same. A Purpose to please the Father. God is pleased as they continually develop souls for the Kingdom of God. The task is never ending, as they search for more to love and nurture. A Spirit of excellence is demonstrated in all of the teaching components of the church and its ministries.

Our Mission

Dr. Marshall Davis along with his wife Pastor/Prophetess Dr. Catherine Davis, were commissioned by God to be founders and Pastors of Greater Faith Temple of Love Church, presently, Chicagoland Christian Center and World Outreach Ministries.  From the time of its inception, this ministry has been a bible-based, family-oriented ministry where the Word of God has preeminence in developing Gods people.

Our mission has been answering God’s mandate to make disciples of men.  God uses His practical, witty, down-to-earth style through Drs. Marshall and Catherine Davis to bring all into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and to provide spiritual nourishment to Kingdom Believers.  Weaved into the fabric of their messages, is the importance of one-on-one fellowship with the Father through a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and its importance to spiritual and natural success.